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Welcome on the CORIA-CFD wiki!


This wiki is dedicated to the users of CFD codes developed at CORIA, a French combustion laboratory located in Rouen, Normandie Université.

The CORIA-CFD plateform consists of public and private wikis and svn/trac systems to help in the development of these codes. The codes using this platform are

Open Positions

You want to join the YALES2 Network? We may have open positions for training periods, Ph. D. or Post Doctoral positions!

Check this page to discover them!

Coming conferences

All the coming conferences and meetings may be found on the conferences page.

Some useful links to start with


If you want to be given access to the private wikis, please send a mail to the webmaster


The official logos of YALES2 and SiTCom-B can be downloaded here (jpg, 160x160):

Logo YALES2.jpg
Logo SITCOMB.jpg

For higher resolutions and different file formats, the following tar.gz file is available: File:Logos.tar.gz.

This project is supported by

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