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OBJECTIVE: Liquid/Gaz Interface Simulations


Describe the interface motion precisely Fleche vert.png Level Set Method

Handle jump conditions at the interface without artificial smoothing Fleche vert.png Ghost Fluid Method

Respect mass conservation Fleche vert.png VOF Method

Solve incompressible Navier Stokes equations Fleche vert.png Projection Method

Fleche roueg.png Archer is a 3D incompressible Navier Stokes solver with Level Set-Ghost Fluid-VOF coupling and MPI parallelization


  • Cartesian mesh
  • Mac grid (velocities on cell boundaries)
  • WENO 5 scheme for convective terms, Adams Bashforth or RK3 or split algorithm in time
  • Multigrid algorith for preconditionning Conjugate Gradient Method in Poisson equation solver
  • Ghost Fluid method for variable discontinuities at the interface
  • CLSVOF for mass conservation
  • MPI parallelization


  • Immersed boundaries
  • Adaptive mesh refinement
  • Coupling with Lagrangian solver


Turbulent jet

Jet 2048.jpg

Diesel type Jet Atomization : Diameter: 100µm, Liquid velocity 100 ms-1, Turbulence 5%, gas velocity: 0 ms-1, =696 kgm-3, =25 kgm-3

=1.210-3kgm-1s-1, =10-5kgm-1s-1, =0.06Nm-1 Numerical simulation by coupling Level Set / VOF / Ghost fluid methods

Mesh : 256x256x2048 (130 millions points) MPI parallelization 128 procs.

Triple disk injector

Mesh intern LES.png

  • Coupling between internal flow simulations and DNS of primary breakup
  • Radius of the jet exit: 90 microns
  • Mesh 256x1024x1024 (~270 millions) dx~1.44 micron
  • ~3000 nodes on the (half) jet exit
  • 2048 procs
  • Triple.avi

Liquid/Gas mixing layer