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GRANULO is a project dedicated to the measurement of drop size and drop shape from images. These measurements are based on the determination of liquid-gas interface of objects present on an image. This determination is done by using a model describing image formation based on Fourier optics.


GRANULO was developed from 1999 by J.B. Blaisot.
J. Yon contributed to the project from 2000 to 2003.
N. Fdida contributed to the project from 2005 to 2008.


GRANULO is based on 4 main components

  • Normalise => Pre-treatment of images to correct back-light source inhomogeneity and fluctuation
  • Localise => Identification of objects present in images
  • Subdiametre => Analysis of individual objects in images and determination of size and shape parameters
  • Pdf => Determination of drop-size distributions from shape and size parameter classification

Imaging Model Description

To be completed.


  • TIFF and BMP images are supported
  • Multipage TIFF images are now supported.
  • Images generated by programs are always TIFF


To be completed.

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