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Romain Janodet

Personal Information

Romain Janodet
PhD student at CORIA & Safran Tech
Fluid Mechanics, CFD, Multiphase Flows
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Lab Information

Avenue de l'Université - BP 12
76801 Saint Etienne du Rouvray, France
Tel: +33 (0)2 32 95 37 52


  • Present: PhD student in Computational Multiphase Flows, INSA of Rouen (Energy & Propulsion department), France
  • 2017: MSc in Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer, Combustion, CentraleSupélec (formerly Ecole Centrale Paris), Châtenay-Malabry, France
  • 2015: BSc in Mechanical Engineering, EPF - Ecole d'Ingénieurs, Sceaux, France
  • 2015: 5-month intern at the Guiana Space Centre (CNES-CSG), Range operation office, Kourou, France

Research activities

  • 2017: Masters Thesis at University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies (UTIAS), CFD & Propulsion Group, Toronto, Canada
    Title: Numerical Evaluation of the Transition Boundary Between Regular and Mach Reflections for a Moving Shock Interacting with a Wedge in Sulfur Hexafluoride
    Supervisors: Prof. Clinton P. T. Groth & Prof. James J. Gottlieb. Research group
  • Single-Mach Reflection (three-shock configuration)
  • Regular Reflection (two-shock configuration)
  • Anisotropic block-based AMR
  • Present: PhD Thesis (CIFRE grant) started in April 2018 at CORIA, Rouen, France and Safran Tech, Magny-Les-Hameaux, France
    Title: Numerical Simulation of Primary Atomization in Aeronautical Injectors, using a Massively Parallel Adaptive Mesh Refinement Technique
    Supervisors: Dr. Vincent Moureau (CORIA), Dr. Renaud Mercier (Safran Tech), and Prof. Alain Berlemont (CORIA)

Teaching activities

  • 2019: Teaching assistant, CentraleSupélec - Introduction to scientific computing to Masters students (15h)
  • 2019: Teaching assistant, CentraleSupélec - Experimental activities in aerodynamics (28h)



  1. Janodet, R., Guillamón, C., Moureau, V., Mercier, R., Lartigue, G., Bénard, P., Ménard, T., Berlemont, A. (2020) A massively parallel accurate conservative level set algorithm for simulating turbulent atomization on adaptive unstructured grids. HAL

Conference proceedings

  1. Janodet, R., Moureau, V., Mercier, R., Lartigue, G., Bénard, P., Ménard, T., Berlemont, A. (2020) An Interface Capturing Procedure for Simulating Incompressible Two-Phase Flows on Adaptive Unstructured Grids. Bulletin of the American Physical Society (73rd Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Fluid Dynamics) APS
  2. Janodet, R., Vaudor, G., Lartigue, G., Bénard, P., Moureau, V., Mercier, R. (2019) An unstructured conservative level set algorithm coupled with dynamic mesh adaptation for the computation of liquid-gas flows. 29th European Conference on Liquid Atomization and Spray Systems (ILASS Europe) HAL